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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft

Medieval Ages (Examples)


Peter von Danzig 1470 (1/1250), Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina (1/1250), Caravela de Armada 16.Jhdt

Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina (1/1250), Karracke Wrack

Coast Defense Ship

Vasco da Gama
1876-1935, 2384 ts


Adamastor class
unprotected cruiser
Adamastor ;1897-1933
São Gabriel class
protected cruiser
Sao Gabriel ;1899-1924, Sao Rafael ;1899-1911
Dom Carlos I class
protected cruiser
Dom Carlos I 1910:Candido Reis :Almirante Reis ;1898-1923
Rainha Dona Amelia class
protected cruiser
Rainha Dona Amelia 1910:Republica ;1901-1915

Gunboats and sloops

Zambezi class
Zambezi ;1880-1920
Vouga class
Vouga ;1882-1910
Liberal class
Liberal ;1884-1910, Zaire ;1884-1918
Diu class
Diu ;1889-1918
Limpopo class
Limpopo ;1890-1943
Dom Luiz class
Dom Luiz ;1895-1918
Chaimite class
Chaimite ;1898-1920
Patria class
Patria ;1905-1931 then Chinese Fu Yu
Lurio class
Lurio ;1907-1931
Save class
Save ;1908-1931
Beira class
Beira ;1910-1945, Ibo ;1911-1953, Bengo ;1917-1935, Mandovi ;1917-195., Quanza ;1917-1935
Acacia class (Flower)
Carvalho Araujo ex-Jonquil ;1920-1937 then survey ship -1959

Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon
Arabis class (Flower)
Republica ;ex-Gladiolus 1920-1943

Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon
Cinco de Outubro
ex british SS Amèlia IV. 1901-1910 Portug. Royal Yacht. oceanographic research. 1924-1937 Survey ship

Cinco de Outubro 1937 (1/1250)
Zaire class
Zaire ex Goa ;1925-1960, Damano ;192.-0, Diu ;1929-1970


Tejo class
Tejo ;1901-1929
Guadiana class
Douro ;1913-1931, Guadiana ;1914-1934, Vouga ;1920-1931, Tamega ;1922-1945
similar british River class

Kit candidate: Guadiana by COB on Shapeways, to be scaled
Liz class
Liz ;1914-1915 built in Italy for Portugal as Liz, bought by GB 1914 as HMS Arno
Douro class
Dao ;1935-1960, Douro ;1932-1933, Tejo ;1932-1933, Vouga ;1933-1967, Lima ;1933-1965, Tejo ;1935-1965, Douro ;1935-1959
An Kolumbien: Antioquia ex Tejo, Caldas ex Douro

Caldas ex Douro (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ HMS Ambuscade (1926) (1/1250)


No 1 class
No1 Espadarte ;1881-1918
No 2 class
No2 ;1886-1933, No3 ;1886-1924, No4 ;1886-1918
designed on base of SU Sukhum
82F class
Ex kuk 85F...91F
Zezere ;1920-1921, Ave ;1920-1940, Cavado ;1920-1921, Sado ;1920-1940, Liz ;1920-1935, Mondego ;1920-1935

SMS Tb 82F kuk (1/600), SMS Tb 82F kuk (1/1250), SMS Tb 82F kuk

Frigates, Corvettes

Goncalo Velho class
Goncalo Velho 1933;1933-1961, Goncalves Zarco 1933;1933-1969
Alfonso de Albuquerque class
Alfonso de Albuquerque 1935;1935-1961, Bartolomeu Dias 1935;1935-1967
Pedro Nunes class
Pedro Nunes 1934;1934-1956, Joao de Lisboa ex Infante D. Henrique 1936;1936-1961
Bangor class
Cacheu 1941;1965-1971

HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), HMS Bangor J00 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940
River class
Diogo Gomes ex - Awe 1943;1949-1969, Nuno Tristao ex - Avon 1943;1949-1972

HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
John C. Butler (WGT) class
Diogo Cao ex - Formoe 1944;1957-1968, Corte Real ex - McCoy Reynolds 1944;1957-1968

USS John C. Butler DE-339
Pero Escobar class
Pero Escobar 1957;1957-1975
Bay class
Alvares Cabral 1945;1959-1971, Pacheco Pereira 1945;1959-1970, Vasco da Gama 1945;1961-1971, Dom Francisco de Almeida 1944;1961-1970
pic by
HMS St. Austell Bay 1945 (1/1250)
Dealey class
Almirante Pereira da Silva 1966;1966-1989, Almirante Gago Coutinho 1967;1967-1989, Almirante Magalhaes Correa 1968;1968-1989

USS Cromwell DE-1014
Commandant Riviere class
Comandante Joao Belo 1967;1967-2008 then Uruguay as Uruguay , Comandante Hermenegildo Capelo 1968;1968-2004 then reef, Comandante Roberto Ivens 1968;1968-1998, Comandante Sacadura Cabral 1969;1969-2008 then Uruguay as Pedro Campbell

Commandant Riviere E55, Commandant Riviere E55 (1/1250)
Joao Coutinho class
Joao Coutinho 1970;1970-0, Jacinto Candido 1970;1970-0, General Pereira d Eca 1970;1970-0, Augusto de Castilho 1970;1970-0, Honorio Barreto 1971;1971-0, Antonio Enes 1971;1971-0

Ähnlicher Typ Descubierta 2005 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Gomez Roca
Baptista de Andrada class
corvette on base of Coutinho class
Baptista de Andrada 1974;1974-1991, Joao Roby 1975;1975-0, Alfonso Cerqueira 1975;1975-1994, Oliveira e Carmo 1976;1976-0

Ähnlicher Typ Descubierta 2005 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Gomez Roca
MEKO 200P class
Vasco da Gama 1991;1991-0, Alvares Cabral 1991;1991-0, Corte Real 1991;1991-0

HMAS Anzac FFH-150
M-Fregat / Karel Doorman class
Bartolomeu Dias (F333) ex NL Van Nes 1994;2009-; Dom Francisco de Almeida (F334) ex NL Van Galen 1994;2009-

M-Fregat / Karel Doorman class


Plongeur class
Plongeur 1892-1910
Espadarte class
Espadarte 1913-1931 Prototype of Foca class, Laurenti-Fiat type
Foca class
Laurenti-Fiat type, enlarged Espadarte with better endurance. Sister-ships of Spanish submarines of A (Narciso Monturiol) class.
Foca 1917-1935, Golfinho 1917-1934, Hidra 1917-1935
Delfim class
On base of Italian of Squalo class. Delfim --1931, Espadarte --1931 finished for Italy as Glauco, Otaria

Ähnlicher Typ SMG Squalo class
Argo class
1935 ordered, cancelled and used by Italian Navy. moderated variant of Balilla, used as prototype of Flutto class
pic by
Enrico Toti 1934 (1/1250)
Delfim class
British built. Delfim 1935-1950, Espadarte 1935-1950, Golfinho 1935-1950
S class
Narval ex HMS Spur 1944;1948-1969, Nautilo ex HMS Saga 1945;1948-1969, Neptuno ex HMS Spearhead 1944;1948-1967

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43
Daphne class
French Daphne class. Albacora 1967-2000, Barracuda 1968-0, Cachalote 1969-1975, Delfim 1969-0

209 PN class
Between 209 and 214 designs . Arpao 2010-, Tridente 2010-

U-Boot Klasse 214

Sailing Training Ship & other sails

ex GB Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark (1/220)
Gorch Fock class
1937 Albert Leo Schlageter; 1948 Brasilien Guanabara 1961 Portugal Sagres

Gorch Fock (1/600), Gorch Fock (1/600)

Not assigned


Isles class

HMT Isles class 1942, HMT Isles class Lindisfarne T361 1943, HMS Whalsay T293 (1/1250)

Minesweeper (possibly escort/gunboat)


FM 23 (1/1250)
Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
Agile class
pic by
USS Agile AM-421 (1/1250)

Small combattants

Le Fougueux class / PC1610

UW12 (1/1250)


Dom Joao de Castro 1942 (1/1250)

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