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Operation Hailstone, Battle of Truk, 17.-18.2.1944

On 17th February 1944, TF 58 (Vice Admiral Raymond A. Spruance), which includes nine carriers and six battleships, strikes Japanese installations and shipping at Truk, in Operation HAILSTONE inflicting massive damage; enemy air attacks in response succeed in only damaging carrier Intrepid (CV-11) with an aerial torpedo.
SB2Cs and TBFs from carrier Bunker Hill (CV-17) and TBFs from small carrier Cowpens (CVL-25) sink the Japanese light cruiser Naka 35 miles west of Truk. Battleships New Jersey (BB-62) and Iowa (BB-61), heavy cruisers Minneapolis (CA-36) and New Orleans (CA-32) and destroyers Radford (DD-446) and Burns (DD-588) sink the Japanese training cruiser Katori northwest of Truk, after she had been damaged by planes from carriers Yorktown (CV-10), Intrepid (CV- 11) and Bunker Hill (CV-17) and small carrier Cowpens.
TG 50.3 gunfire sinks destroyer Maikaze, 40 miles northwest of Truk. Destroyer Burns (DD-588), detached from TG 50.9, sinks the Japanese submarine chaser Ch-24 west of Truk.
TF 58 planes sink: Japanese destroyers Oite (carrying survivors of light cruiser Agano sunk the day before) Tachikaze; armed merchant cruiser Akagi Maru, auxiliary submarine depot ship Heian Maru, aircraft transport Fujikawa Maru, transportships Rio De Janeiro Maru, Kiyosumi Maru, Aikoku Maru, Gosei Maru, Hanakawa Maru, Hokuyo Maru, Amagisan Maru, and Kensho Maru (Kensyo Maru), Matsutani Maru, Momokawa Maru, Reiyo Maru, San Francisco Maru, Seiko Maru, Taiho Maru, Zukai Maru, Unkai Maru No.6, Yamagiri Maru, fleet tankers Fujisan Maru, Hoyo Maru (damaged on 4 November 1943 by submarine Scorpion), Shinkoku Maru, Tonan Maru No.3, water carrier Nippo Maru, auxiliary vessel Yamakisan Maru, army cargo ships Nagano Maru and Yubae Maru. merchant cargo ship Taikichi Maru. motor torpedo boat Gyoraitei No.10.
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Fleet Carriers (5)
Enterprise, Yorktown, Essex, Intrepid, and Bunker Hill

USS Enterprise CV-6 (Yorktown), USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class)
Light Carriers (4)
Belleau Wood, Cabot, Monterey, and Cowpens

USS Independence CVL-22 (Cleveland|Independence)
Battleships (7)
Alabama, Iowa, New Jersey, Massachusetts, South Dakota, North Carolina

USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (USS Massachusetts), USS Iowa 1984 (Iowa BB-61 class), USS North Carolina BB-55 (North Carolina)
Cruiser (10)
Minneapolis (CA-36), New Orleans (CA-32), Baltimore, Wichita, San Francisco

USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 (New Orleans class), USS San Franzisko CA-38 (New Orleans class), USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class)
Light Cruiser
Santa Fe, Mobile, Biloxi, CLAA Oakland, CLAA San Diego

USS Miami CL-89 (Cleveland class), USS San Diego CL-53 (Atlanta Class), USS Oakland CL-95 (Atlanta Class|Oakland class)
Destroyer (28)
Bell, Bradford, Brown, Burns, C.K. Bronson, Caperton, Charette, Cogswell, Conner, Cotten, Cowell, Dortch, Gatling, Healey, Hickok, Hunt, Ingersoll, Izard, Knapp, Lang, Lewis Hancock, Miller, Owen, Stack, Stembel, Stephan Potter, Sterrett, The Sullivans, Wilson

Base type Fletcher
Submarines (10)
Searaven, Seal, Sunfish, Skate, Tang, Aspro, Burrfish, Darter, Dace, Gato

USS Gato (Gato class)


5 cruisers
8 destroyers (Nowaki,)
5 other warships
50 merchant ships

Warships Sunk †


Katori (Katori class)

Jintsu (1933), Sendai (1933) (Sendai 1933)


Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class)

Mutsuki (Mutsuki Destroyer)

Kamikaze (Kamikaze Destroyer)

Akikaze (Minekaze Class), PB-1 ex Shimakaze (Minekaze Class), Yukaze (Minekaze Class)
Ch.29, Ch.24

Ch.28 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 28), Ch.13 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 13), Ch.13 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 13), Ch.13 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 13)
Aux Subchaser
Shonan Maru No15

Shonan Maru (Shonan Maru)
Gyoraitei No 10
T51 type

IJN MTB T51 (MTB T51 class) (1/600)
Auxiliary cruiser Aikoku Maru (爱国丸) 10,348 tons

Aikoku-Maru 1944
Auxiliary cruiser Akagi Maru (赤城丸) 7,367 tons

Asaka Maru 1942
Auxiliary cruiser Kiyosumi Maru (清澄丸) 6,983 tons
ex 1936 passenger liner

Kit candidate: by Frogfoot SS-C-043 AMC Kiyosumi Maru, and as Kiyozumi Maru by 104Kosakoubo

Warships Damaged x

Repair ship Akashi

Seaplane Tender Akitsushima


Kamikaze (Kamikaze Destroyer)

Shigure (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Shiratsuyu (early, bsp 1937) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Harusame (late) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer)
Submarine I-10

I-9 IJN (A-1 Ko)
Submarine Ro.42

Ro-35 IJN (Kaichu)
Subchaser Cha.20

Similar type Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1 (Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1), Similar type Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1 (Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1), Similar type Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1 (Auxiliary Patrol Boat Class No.1)
Target ship Hakachi


Merchants sunk †

Navy transport Hoki Maru (伯耆丸) 7,112 tons
ex New Zealand (Sciottish build) M/V Hauraki, 1942 captured by Hokoku Maru and Aikoku Maru, Jan 44 repaired as Hoki Maru
Navy transport Yamagiri Maru (山霧丸) 7,112 tons
Shinko Maru class, 1938 cargo

Yamazuki Maru (Shinko Maru class)
Navy transport Fujikawa Maru (富士川丸) 6,938 tons
Aircraft Transport
Navy transport/freighter San Francisco Maru (桑港丸) 5,831 tons
1919 passenger-cargo

San Francisco Maru (Daifuku Maru No. 1 Class)
Navy transport Reiyo Maru (麗洋丸) 5,446 tons
1920 build three-island type with an extended island amidships
Navy transport Seiko Maru (西江丸)? 5,385 tons
1940 cargo (look like a tanker)
Navy transport/passenger/cargo ship Kensho Maru (乾祥丸) 4,862 tons
1938 passenger-cargo
Navy transport/freighter Hanakawa Maru (花川丸) 4,739 tons
1942 passenger-cargo
Navy transport/passenger/cargo ship Sankisan Maru or Yamakisan Maru (山鬼山丸) 4,776 tons
background is mysterical.- May be a US ship captured 1942
Navy transport/freighter Hokuyo Maru (北洋丸) 4,217 tons
far-east passenger cargo service until the war
Navy transport/freighter Momokawa Maru (桃川丸) 3,829 tons
1941 cargo
Navy water carrier/passenger/cargo ship Nippo Maru (日豊丸) 3,764 tons
1936 passenger-cargo

Nippo Maru 1944
Navy transport/freighter Unkai Maru #6(第六雲海丸) 3,220 tons
1905 British cargo Venus, 1911 bought as Unkai Maru No 6
Navy transport Taiho Maru (大邦丸) 2,827 tons

Navy transport/freighter Shotan Maru (松丹丸) 1,999 tons

Syotan Maru (Shotan Maru) (Syotan Maru), Similar type Shinhuku Maru 1942 Borneo (Standard 1D), Similar type Choun Maru 1945 (Standard 1D)
Navy transport/freighter Gosei Maru (五星丸) 1,931 tons
1936 mass-produced coastal freighter. Amakusan Maru class bzw der daraus entstandenen 1D Standard

Similar type Shinhuku Maru 1942 Borneo (Standard 1D), Similar type Choun Maru 1945 (Standard 1D)
Freighter Taikichi Maru or Tachi Maru (泰吉丸) 1,891 tons
Army transport Gyoten Maru (暁天丸) 6,854 tons
Army transport/freighter Nagano Maru (長野丸) 3,824 tons
1917 passenger cargo

Nagano Maru 1944 (Akita Maru 1917 class)
Army transport Yubae Maru (夕映丸) 3,217 tons
1919 cargo
Submarine tender Heian Maru (平安丸) 11,614 tons

Heian Maru U-Boot-Tender (Hikawa Maru class)
Submarine tender Rio de Janeiro Maru (リオデジャネイロ丸) 9,626 tons
ex 1930 passenger liner

Rio de Janeiro Maru
Fleet oiler Shinkoku Maru (神国丸) 10,020 tons
1940 tanker 150m Tatekawa Maru class

Nippon Maru Yamashita Line Tanker (Tatekawa Maru class), Kokuyo Maru (Itsukushima Maru class)
Oil tanker Fujisan Maru (富士山丸) 9,524 tons
Auxiliary oil tanker/whaler Tonan Maru #3 (第三図南丸) 19,209 tons
(Tonan Maru #2 class is #2 and #3)

Tonan Maru No.2 (Tonan Maru No.2)
Auxiliary oil tanker Houyou Maru or Hoyo Maru (宝洋丸) 8,691 tons
1936 tanker 145m
Auxiliary oil tanker/passenger/cargo ship Amagisan Maru (天城山丸) 7,620 tons

Merchants damaged x

Cargo ship Sōya (宗谷) 3,800 tons

Soya 1942 (Soya 1942)

Further Info

Matsutani Maru
Nach (1170)versenkt, in (1171)nicht enthalten.
Amakusan Maru class bzw der daraus entstandenen 1D Standard

Similar type Shinhuku Maru 1942 Borneo (Standard 1D), Similar type Choun Maru 1945 (Standard 1D), Syotan Maru (Shotan Maru) (Syotan Maru)
U-Boot, unbeschädigt

Ro-35 IJN (Kaichu)
Zerstörer, unbeschädigt

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Similar type Asashimo 1944 (Yugumo Destroyer)
ex Susuki, unbeschädigt

PB-36 ex Fuji (Momi Class)

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer)


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