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Rif War: Landing at Al Hoceima 8.9.1925

Landing in de baai van Al Hoceima in september 1925 in (1183)
Dédalo at Al Hoceima inédalo_who/ (1184)
Spanish Morocoo Documentary in (1185)
Extremadura in (1186)
Fuerza Navales
Espana class
Jaime I, Alfonso XIII.

Espana (Espana class) (1/1250), Espana 1913 (Espana class)
Blas de Lezo class
Méndez Núñez, Blas de Lezo

Mendez Nunez CL (Blas de Lezo class), Mendez Nunez AA (Blas de Lezo class) (1/1250), Mendez Nunez AA (Blas de Lezo class)

Victoria Eugenia

Republica / Navarra / Reina Victoria Eugenia (Reina Victoria Eugenia class) (1/1250), HMS Chester 1916 (Town 1910 Cruiser|Reina Victoria Eugenia class)
1 Portaaeronaves Dédalo

Dedalo (Neuenfels Klasse I), Dédalo (Neuenfels Klasse I) (1/1250)
Alsedo class
Alsedo y Velasco

Alsedo (Alsedo class) (1/1250), Similar type HMS Marksman 1915 (Marksman class)
Canoneros Castillo class
Cánovas del Castillo, Canalejas, Eduardo Dato

Dato (Antonio Canovas del Castillo class) (1/1250)
Canoneros Recalde class
Lauria, Laya, Recalde y Almirante Bonifaz

Laya (Recalde class) (1/1250), Laya 1937 (Recalde class)
11 Guardacostas Uad Ras, Uad Kert classes
Uad Muluya, Uad Kert, Uad Martin, Uas Ras, Uad Lucus, Uad Torga, Tetuán, Ardía, Larache', Alcázar, Xauen

UJ2101 ex Strymon (Mersey class trawler) (1/600), Similar type HMS Whalsay T293 (Isles class) (1/1250), Similar type HMT Isles class 1942 (Isles class), Similar type HMT Isles class Lindisfarne T361 1943 (Isles class), Similar type Mersey class trawler (Mersey class trawler)
6 Torpederos Clase T1
T-1, T-11, T-16, T-18 y T-22

2 Torpedo-Boot 1911 (T-1 class|{{class similar}}|Cyclone 1898 class|Hayabusa 1899 class) (1/1250), Similar type Hayabusa 1899 (Hayabusa 1899 class)
7 Guardapescas Zaragoza class
Marinero Jarano, Cardólo, Maquinista Macias, Condestable Zaragoza, Marinero Gante, Torpedista Hernández y Contramaestre Castelló
26 Barcazas K
4 Remolcadores (Schlepper)
2 Aljbes (Zisternen)
África, E
2 Ttes. De Guerra
27 Transports
French escadre

Courbet (1/1250), Paris 1914 (Courbet class)

SMS Emden II (1916) (Königsberg II class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Pillau / RN Bari (SMS Pillau)

Ancona ex Graudenz (Graudenz class)
Algerien class
Annamite y Tonkinois

Similar type Sakura (1914) (Sakura Class), Similar type Tachibana (1912) (Sakura Class), Kaba 1915 (Kaba class) (1/1250)
Arras class
Reims y Amiens

Tahure (1939/40) Aviso (Arras Class), Belfort 1939/40 (Arras Class), Tahure 1941 (Arras Class)
1 Tug
3 Junkers Seeflugzeuge F-13

Ju F13W, Similar type Ju F13
6 dH4

4 dH9
7 Dornier Wal

Do JII Wal, Do 16 Wal II
25 Brequet14

Brequet 14 A2
15 Bristol F2B

Bristol F2B Brisfit (Bristol Fighter) (Bristol Fighter), Bristol Type 28 Tourer-Coupé (Bristol Fighter)
15 Fokker CIV
15 Brequet XIX
8 Savoia S16

Similar type Macchi M.41bis
6 Potez XV
6 Farman Goliath

Renault FT.17 (Renault FT.17) (1/76)
Armoured Cars

Austin Armoured Car 1914 (Austin AC)


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(1183) Landing in de baai van Al Hoceima in september 1925 in
(1184) Dédalo at Al Hoceima inédalo_who/
(1185) Spanish Morocoo Documentary in
(1186) Extremadura in

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