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Norway-Lerwick-Convoys 1917


Action off Lerwick 17.10.1917

Kaiserliche Marine
Bremse, Brummer

SMS Brummer 1917 (SMS Brummer 1917)
Royal Navy
M class
Mary Rose † , Strongbow †

HMS Mary Rose (1916) (Admiralty M Class)
Armed Trawlers
Elise, NN

Similar style Mersey class trawler (Mersey class trawler)
12 Merchants
9 †

Norway Convoy Action 11./12.12.1917

Kaiserliche Marine 2.Flottilla
G101 class
3.Halbflottille: G-101, G-103, G-104, 4.Halbflottille ähnlich 5 Zerstörer

SMS G101 (Großes Torpedoboot 1914A) (1/1250), Similar type Cordoba 1937 (Cordoba class) (1/1250)
B97 class
3.Halbflottille: V-100

SMS B-98 (Torpedoboot-Zerstörer (1914R) Class)
Funkrelay, nicht am Angriff selbst

SMS Emden II (1916) (Königsberg II class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Pillau / RN Bari (SMS Pillau)
Royal Navy
River class
Ouse, Garry. (Rother, Moy with Eastcoast convoy near)

Similar style SMS S90 1899 (Großes Torpedoboot 1898)
M class
Pellew, Partridge †

HMS Mary Rose (1916) (Admiralty M Class)
Livingstone, Commander Fullerton, Lord Alverstone and Tokio. All †
Smart, Ranter, Nike

Similar style Mersey class trawler (Mersey class trawler)
5 Merchants
all †
Minotaur, Shannon

HMS Defence (Minotaur Armoured Cruiser class) (1/1250)
Distant Sweep

Similar type HMS Glasgow 1910 (Town 1910 Cruiser)

Similar type HMS Chester 1916 (Town 1910 Cruiser), Similar type HMS Glasgow 1910 (Town 1910 Cruiser)

HMS Chester 1916 (Town 1910 Cruiser)
4 DD
Sable, Sorceress

Phra Ruang (ex-HMS Radiant) (R Class Destroyer)
Norway Neutrality Patrol

Hval 1939 (Hval class) (1/1250), Similar type Torpediniere Alto Maro 80S class (80S-110S) 1888 (Torpediniere Alto Maro Classe S), Similar type SMS S7 (S7 Class)


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