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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Invasion Celebes 11.1.-27.3.1942


Manado, Kema 11.1.


Natori (Nagara class), Isuzu 1944 (Nagara class), Nagara (Nagara class), Kinu (Nagara class)

Wakataka (Hatsutaka class)
Tsukushi Maru

P1, P2

Similar type Akikaze (Minekaze Class)

PB-36 ex Fuji (Momi Class)
W7, W8, W9, W11, W12

Minenräumer W7 (1938) (W.7 1938 class)
Ch1, Ch3

Ch.1 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 1), Ch.3 IJN Subchaser (U-Jäger class 3)
6 Transports
Amagisan Maru x
Myoko Class, 1928/1929
Nachi, Haguro

Haguro (Myoko Class), Myoko (Myoko Class)
Naka/Sendai Class, 1924-25

Sendai (1933), Jintsu (1933)
Fubuki Type III (Akatsuki), 1932
Inazuma, Ikazuchi

Akatsuki (late) (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III)), Hibiki 1941 (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III)), Inazuma 1944 (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III))
Kagero Class, 1939-41
Hatsukaze, Kuroshio, Amatsukaze, Tokitsukaze, Yukikaze, Hayashio, Natsushio, Oyashio

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)
5. U-Boot-Flottille
KD3-KD5 I-59, I-60, I-62, I-64, I-65 und I-66

I-60 KD3B (Type KD3), I-53 KD3a (Type KD3)

Kendari 21.1.

Japanese forces mainly as before
USS Childs
Seaplane tender ex DD

USS Williamson AVD-2 ex DD-244 (Clemson AVD conversion) (1/1250)

Battle of Makassar Strait 4.2.

ABDA forces attacked by bombers from Kendari (1366)
De Ruyter

Hr. Ms. De Ruyter 1942
Tromp class

Tromp 1942 (Tromp cruiser class), Jacob van Heemskerck 1940 (Tromp cruiser class) (1/1250), Jacob van Heemskerck 1944/70 (Tromp cruiser class)
Van Ghent class
Van Ghent, Piet Hein

Van Ghent (1930/38) (van Ghent Class)
Van Galen class

Van Galen (1939/40) / ZH3 (van Galen), PB-106 ex NL Banckert (van Galen)
Omaha class
Marblehead xx

USS Milwaukee CL5 (Omaha class)
Houston x

USS Chicago CA-29 (Northampton class), USS Chester CL-27/CA-27 (Northampton class) (1/1250)
USS Clemson (DD-186) class
Barker, Bulmer, Edwards, Stewart

HMS Burwell H94 (1940) ex USS Laub DD-263 (Clemson Class)

Makassar 6.2.

Japanese forces mainly as before, plus:
Shiratsuyu Class, 1936-37
Kawakaze, Umikaze

Shiratuyu (early) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Harusame (late) (Shiratsuyu Destroyer), Shigure (Shiratsuyu Destroyer)
Asashio Class, 1937-39
Minegumo, Natsugumo

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer), Similar type Asashimo 1944 (Yugumo Destroyer)

Minenräumer W13 (W.13 class), Minenräumer W13 (W.13 class) (1/1250), Minenräumer W17 (W.17 class)
by S-37

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)

HMS P-555 ex USS S-24 (Holland S class), Similar type C-2 U-Boot (C class Spain)


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