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Indo-Pakistani War of 1971


West Pakistan

Operation Trident, Battle off Karatschi 4./5.12.1971

INS Nipat (sunk Venus Challenger, destroyed Shah Jahan, destroyed Karachi-Kemari oil storage tanks),
INS Nirghat (sunk Khaibar),
INS Veer (sunk Muhafiz)

Osa I Prj205 Moskit (Osa class), OSA I/II (Osa class)
INS Kiltan and INS Katchall

Petya class Frigate (Petya|Project 159)
Fleet Tanker
INS Poshak
Battle class
PNS Khaibar † by INS Nirghat

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944) (Battle Class Gr.I)
MV Venus Challenger
by Nipat
C class
PNS Shah Jahan xx by Nipat (scuttled later)

HMS Caesar 1944 (C class destroyer)
Adjutant class
PNS Muhafiz † by INS Veer

Castagno M5504 (Adjutant class|Abete class|Castagno class|Sauda class) (1/1250)
PNS Babur
outer patrol zone, not directly involved

Similar type HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class)

Operation Python, Attack on Karatschi Port 8./9..12.1971

INS Vinash.(Destroyed Kemari Oil Farm, sank the Panamanian fuel tanker SS Gulf Star, destroyed the Pakistani Navy fleet tanker PNS Dacca and sunk British merchant SS Harmattan)

Osa I Prj205 Moskit (Osa class), OSA I/II (Osa class)
Type 12 Whitby class
INS Talwar and INS Trishul

HMS Whitby 1956 (Type 12 Whitby class), Similar type HMS Leander (Type 12I Leander) (1/600)

Sinking INS Khukri (F149), 9.12.1971

Type 14 Blackwood class
Khukri † , Kirpan

INS Khukri F149 1971 (Type 14 Blackwood class)
PNS Hangor (S131)

Flore / Hangor (Daphne class sub|Hangor class)

East Pakistan / Bangladesh

Landings and Shelling of Cox's Bazar und Chittagong 4.12.1971


HMS Glory R62 1945 (Colossus class) (1/1250), Arromanches 1946/56 (Colossus class), HMS Colossus 1944 (Colossus class)
Leopard Type 41
Beas, Brahmaputra

HMS Leopard 1957 (Type 41 Leopard class) (1/1250), HMS Lynx / INS Beas (Type 41 Leopard class)
several small ships
including harbours AT ‘Khulna’, ‘Mongla’ and ‘Chalna’


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