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This page provides a list of the Japanes army and navy aircraft designations.

Relation of this page to the German Wikipedia article Liste der japanischen Militärflugzeuge nach Nummern und Herstellern: I had significantly contributed to the Wikipedia list. On base of the version 2012-01-20 I did take the list again to here and corrected it.

Army Air Corps

Ki-1Mitsubishi Ki-12mot Bomber
Ki-2Mitsubishi Ki-2 (US: Louise/Loise)2mot Bomber
Ki-3Kawasaki Ki-3light bomber
Ki-4Nakajima Ki-4reconnaisance
Ki-5Kawasaki Ki-5fighter
Ki-6Nakajima Ki-6trainer
Ki-7Mitsubishi Ki-7trainer
Ki-8Nakajima Ki-8fighter
Ki-9Tachikawa Ki-9 (US: Spruce)trainer
Ki-10Kawasaki Ki-10 (US: Perry)fighterKawasaki Ki-10-I
Ki-11Nakajima Ki-11fighterNakajima Ki-11 AN-1
Ki-12Nakajima Ki-12fighter
Ki-13Nakajima Ki-13Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-14Mitsubishi Ki-14Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-15Mitsubishi Ki-15 Karigane (US: Babs)reconnaisanceMitsubishi Ki-15 I Babs
Ki-16Nakajima Ki-16transport
Ki-17Tachikawa Ki-17 (US: Cedar)trainer
Ki-18Mitsubishi Ki-18fighter
Ki-19Nakajima Ki-19heavy bomber
Ki-20Mitsubishi Ki-20heavy bomber. License of the German Junkers G38 / K-51
Ki-21Mitsubishi Ki-21 (US: Sally/Gwen/Jane)heavy bomberMitsubishi Ki-21 Sally
Ki-22Kawasaki Ki-22heavy bomber
Ki-23Fukuda Ki-23glider trainer
Ki-24Tachikawa Ki-24glider
Ki-25Tachikawa Ki-25glider
Ki-26Tachikawa Ki-26glider
Ki-27Nakajima Ki-27 Setsu, Otsu (US: Nate/Abdul)fighter

Ki-27a, Ki-27a, Ki-27b, Ki-27, Ki-27
Ki-28Kawasaki Ki-28 (US: Bob)fighter

Kawasaki Ki-28 Bob
Ki-29Tachikawa Ki-29light bomber
Ki-30Mitsubishi Ki-30 (US: Ann)light bomber

Mitsubishi Ki-30 Ann
Ki-31Nakajima Ki-31light bomber
Ki-32Kawasaki Ki-32 (US: Mary)light bomberKawasaki Ki-32 Mary
Ki-33Mitsubishi Ki-33 (US: Tina)fighter
Ki-34Nakajima Ki-34 (US: Thora)transport
Ki-35Mitsubishi Ki-35Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-36Tachikawa Ki-36 (US: Ida)VerbindungsflugzeugTachikawa Ki-36
Ki-37Nakajima Ki-37heavy fighter
Ki-38Kawasaki Ki-38heavy fighter
Ki-39Mitsubishi Ki-39heavy fighter
Ki-40Mitsubishi Ki-40reconnaisance
Ki-41Nakajima Ki-41transport
Ki-42Mitsubishi Ki-42bomber
Ki-43Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (US: Oscar/Jim)fighter

Ki-43-I Oscar Hayabusa, Ki-43-I Oscar Hayabusa, Ki-43 II Oscar Hayabusa, Ki-43 II Oscar Hayabusa
Ki-44Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (US: Tojo)fighter

Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (Tojo), Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki (Tojo) 1/700
Ki-45Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu (US: Nick)fighter

Kawasaki Ki-45 KAI c Toryu Nick, Kawasaki Ki-45 KAI c Toryu Nick 1/700
Ki-46Mitsubishi Ki-46 (US: Dinah)Multi-role

Mitsubishi Ki-46-II Dinah, Mitsubishi Ki-46-III KAI Dinah Jäger, Mitsubishi Ki-46-III Type 100 Dinah Commandant Reconnaisaance, Mitsubishi Ki-46 Type 100 Dinah 1/700, Mitsubishi Ki-46-II Type 100-2 Dinah Trainer, Mitsubishi Ki-46-III Type 100 Dinah
Ki-47Mitsubishi Ki-47light bomber
Ki-48Kawasaki Ki-48 (US: Lily)light bomber
Ki-49Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (US: Helen)heavy bomber

Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen), Nakajima Ki-49 Donryu (Helen) 1/700
Ki-50Mitsubishi Ki-50heavy bomber
Ki-51Mitsubishi Ki-51 (US: Sonia)attack
Ki-52Nakajima Ki-52dive bomber
Ki-53Nakajima Ki-53heavy fighter
Ki-54Tachikawa Ki-54 (US: Hickory)trainer, transport
Ki-55Tachikawa Ki-55 (US: Ida)trainer
Ki-56Kawasaki Ki-56 (US: Thalia)transport

Hudson 1/700, Hudson
Ki-57Mitsubishi Ki-57 (US: Topsy)transport
Ki-58Nakajima Ki-58fighter
Ki-59Kokusai Ki-59 (US: Theresa)transport
Ki-60Kawasaki Ki-60fighterKawasaki Ki-60
Ki-61Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien (US: Tony)fighter

Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien Tony, Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien Tony 1/700, Kawasaki Ki-61-II Kai Hien
Ki-62Nakajima Ki-62fighter
Ki-63Nakajima Ki-63fighter
Ki-64Kawasaki Ki-64 (US: Rob)fighter

Kawasaki Ki-64 Rob
Ki-66Kawasaki Ki-66dive bomber
Ki-67Mitsubishi Ki-67 Hiryu (US: Peggy)heavy bomberMitsubishi Ki-67 YASUKUNI (Hiryu) Peggy
Ki-68Nakajima Ki-68long range bomber
Ki-69Nakajima Ki-69long range fighter
Ki-70Tachikawa Ki-70 (US: Clara)reconnaisance
Ki-71Manshu Ki-71 (US: Edna)Multi-role
Ki-72Tachikawa Ki-72Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-73Mitsubishi Ki-73 (US: Steve)fighter
Ki-74Tachikawa Ki-74 (US: Patsy/Pat)long range bomber
Ki-75Nakajima Ki-75night fighter
Ki-76Kokusai Ki-76 (US: Stella)Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-77Tachikawa Ki-77experimental
Ki-78Kawasaki Ki-78experimentalKawasaki Ki-78 Ken, Kawasaki Ki-78 Ken
Ki-79Manshu Ki-79trainer, variant of the Nakajima Ki-27

Nakajima Ki-79b (Manshu Ki-79)
Ki-80Nakajima Ki-80heavy fighter
Ki-81Kawasaki Ki-81heavy fighter
Ki-82Mitsubishi Ki-82long range fighter
Ki-83Mitsubishi Ki-83long range fighterMitsubishi Ki-83, Mitsubishi Ki-83
Ki-84Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate (US: Frank)fighter

Nakajima Ki 84-la Frank, Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate FRANK, Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate FRANK 1/700
Ki-85Kawasaki Ki-85long range bomber
Ki-86Bücker Ki-86 (US: Cypress)trainer, variant of the Bücker Bü 131
Ki-87Nakajima Ki-87fighterNakajima Ki-87
Ki-88Kawasaki Ki-88fighter
Ki-89Kawasaki Ki-89Forschungsflugzeug
Ki-90Mitsubishi Ki-90bomber
Ki-91Kawasaki Ki-91bomber
Ki-92Tachikawa Ki-92transport
Ki-93Rikugun Ki-93heavy fighter and attack

Rikugun Ki-93
Ki-94Tachikawa Ki-94fighterTachikawa Ki-94 II
Ki-95Mitsubishi Ki-95Verbindungsflugzeug
Ki-96Kawasaki Ki-962mot fighter
Ki-97Mitsubishi Ki-97transport
Ki-98Manshu Ki-98heavy fighter and attackManshu Ki 98
Ki-99Mitsubishi Ki-99fighter
Ki-100Kawasaki Ki-100 Goshikifighter

Kawasaki Ki-100-Ib Goshikisen
Ki-101Nakajima Ki-101night fighter
Ki-102Kawasaki Ki-102 (US: Randy)Multi-role
Ki-103Mitsubishi Ki-103fighter
Ki-104Mitsubishi Ki-104fighter
Ki-105Kokusai Ki-105 Ohtori (US: Buzzard)transport
Ki-106Tachikawa Ki-106fighter. Like Ki-84 made of woodTachikawa Ki-106
Ki-107Tokyo Koku Ki-107trainer

Tokyo Koku Ki-107
Ki-108Kawasaki Ki-108fighter. Variant of Ki-102
Ki-109Mitsubishi Ki-109 (US: Peggy)interceptor. See Ki-67Mitsubishi Ki-109
Ki-110Tachikawa Ki-110transport
Ki-111Tachikawa Ki-111transport
Ki-112Mitsubishi Ki-112heavy fighter
Ki-113Nakajima Ki-113fighter. Variant of Ki-84
Ki-114Tachikawa Ki-114transport
Ki-115Nakajima Ki-115 TsurgiattackNakajima Ki-115
Ki-116Manshu Ki-116fighter. Variant of Ki-84
Ki-117Nakajima Ki-117fighter. Variant of Ki-84
Ki-118Nakajima Ki-118fighter
Ki-119Kawasaki Ki-119light bomber
Ki-128Ki-128Hersteller ?
Ki-147Ki-147Hersteller ?
Ki-148Kawasaki Ki-148guided missile
Ki-167Mitsubishi Ki-167
Ki-174Kawasaki Ki-174attack
Ki-200Mitsubishi Ki-200 Shusuirocket fighter J8M

J8M1 Shusui, J8M1 Shusui
Ki-201Nakajima Ki-201 Karyufighter

Nakajima Ki-201 Karyu
Ki-202Rikugun Ki-202rocket fighter
Ki-230Nakajima Ki-230attack

Navy Air Corps

A1NNakajima A1Nfighter, carrier-borne
A2NNakajima A2Nfighter, carrier-borne

Nakajima Type 90 (A2N)
A3NNakajima A3Nfighter trainer
A4NNakajima A4Nfighter, carrier-borne
A5MMitsubishi A5M Kansen (US: Claude)fighter, carrier-borne

Mitsubishi A5M2a Type 96, Mitsubishi A5M
A6MMitsubishi A6M Reisen (US: Zero, Zeke, Rufe)fighter, carrier-borne

Base type Zero A6M2 Zero, A6M2b Zero, A6M2 Zero Type 21, A6M2 Zero Type 21, A6M2-K Trainer, A6M3 Type 22 Surrendered Zero, A6M5 Type 52, A6M5c Zero Type 52c, A6M5 Zero
A7MMitsubishi A7M Reppu (US: Sam)fighter, carrier-borne

Mitsubishi A7M2 Reppu SAM, Mitsubishi A7M2 Reppu SAM, Mitsubishi A7M2 Reppu SAM
A7He1Heinkel A7He1 (US: Jerry)fighter
A8V1Seversky A8V1 (US: Dick)fighter
AXB1Boeing AXB1fighter, carrier-borne
AXG1Grumman AXG1fighter, carrier-borne
AXH1Hawker AXH1fighter, carrier-borne
AXHe1Heinkel AXHe1fighter
AXV1Vought AXV1fighter
B1MMitsubishi B1Mbomber, carrier-borne

Mitsubishi Type 13 Model 2 (B1M)
B2MMitsubishi B2Mbomber, carrier-borne
B3YYokosuka B3Ybomber, carrier-borne
B4NNakajima B4Nbomber, carrier-borne
B4YYokosuka B4Y (US: Jean)bomber, carrier-borne

Yokosuka B4Y1 Type 96 Jean 1/700
B5MMitsubishi B5M (US: Mabel)bomber, carrier-borne
B5NNakajima B5N Kankoh (US: Kate)bomber, carrier-borne

Nakajima B5N Kate Type 97
B6NNakajima B6N Tenzan (US: Jill)bomber, carrier-borneNakajima B6N1 Tenzan Jill
B7AAichi B7A Ryusei (US: Grace)bomber, carrier-borne

Aichi B7A1 Ryusei Grace, Aichi B7A1 Ryusei Grace
C1MMitsubishi C1Mreconnaisance
C2NNakajima C2Nreconnaisance
C3NNakajima C3Nreconnaisance
C4AAichi C4Areconnaisance
C5MMitsubishi C5M (US: Babs)reconnaisance
C6NNakajima C6N Saiun (US: Myrt)reconnaisanceNakajima C6N1 Myrt Sayun, Nakajima C6N-1S Myrt Sayun
D1AAichi D1Abomber, carrier-borne
D2AAichi D2A (US: Susie)bomber, carrier-borne
D2NNakajima D2Nbomber, carrier-borne
D2YYokosuka D2Ybomber, carrier-borne
D3AAichi D3A Kanbaku (US: Val)bomber, carrier-borne

Aichi D3A Kanbaku Val
D3MMitsubishi D3Mbomber, carrier-borne
D3NNakajima D3Nbomber, carrier-borne
D3YYokosuka D3Y Myojotraining bomberYokosuka D3Y-1K Myojo
D4YYokosuka D4Y Suisei (US: Judy)Multi-role

Yokosuka D4Y Judy, Yokosuka D4Y2-S Suisei Judy
D5YYokosuka D5Y Myojo Kaibomber
DXD1Douglas DXD1bomber
DXHe1Heinkel DXHe1bomber
E1YYokosuka E1Yreconnaisance

Yokosuka E1Y1 Type 14-1 1/700, Yokosuka E1Y3 1/700
E2NNakajima E2N (US: Bob)reconnaisance
E3AAichi E3Areconnaisance
E4NNakajima E4Nreconnaisance
E5KKawanishi E5Kreconnaisance
E5YYokosuka E5Yreconnaisance
E6YYokosuka E6Yreconnaisance
E7KKawanishi E7K (US: Alf)reconnaisanceKawanishi E7K1 Alf Type 94
E8AAichi E8Areconnaisance
E8KKawanishi E8Kreconnaisance
E8NNakajima E8N (US: Dave)reconnaisance

Nakajima E8N1 Dave, Nakajima E8N-1/2 Dave, Nakajima E8N1 Dave, Nakajima E8N1 Dave
E9WWatanabe E9W (US: Slim)reconnaisance
E10AAichi E10A (US: Hank)reconnaisance
E10KKawanishi E10Ktransport
E11AAichi E11A (US: Laura)reconnaisance
E11KKawanishi E11Ktransport
E12AAichi E12Areconnaisance
E12KKawanishi E12Kreconnaisance
E12NNakajima E12Nreconnaisance
E13AAichi E13A (US: Jake)reconnaisance

Aichi E13A Jake Type Zero mit Katapult, Aichi E13A Jake Type Zero, Aichi E13A1 Jake Type Zero 1/700
E13KKawanishi E13Kreconnaisance
E14WWatanabe E14Wreconnaisance
E14YYokosuka E14Y (US: Glen)reconnaisance
E15KKawanishi E15K Shiun (US: Norm)reconnaisanceKawanishi E15K Shiun
E16AAichi E16A Zuiun (US: Paul)reconnaisance

Aichi E16A1 Zuiun
F1AAichi F1Areconnaisance
F1KKawanishi F1Kreconnaisance
F1MMitsubishi F1M (US: Pete)reconnaisance

Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete, Mitsubishi F1M2 Pete 1/700
G1MMitsubishi G1Mbomber
G2HHiro G2Hbomber
G3MMitsubishi G3M Chokou (US: Nell)bomberMitsubishi G3M Rikko Nell Type 96
G4MMitsubishi G4M Hamaki (US: Betty)bomber

Mitsubishi G4M2E Hamaki Betty mit Ohka, Mitsubishi G4M1 Betty 1/700
G5NNakajima G5N Shinzan (US: Liz)bomber
G6MMitsubishi G6M (US: Betty)bomber
G7MMitsubishi G7M Taizanbomber
G8NNakajima G8N Renzan (US: Rita)bomber

Nakajima G8N1 Renzan / Rita, Nakajima G8N1 Renzan / Rita
G9KKawanishi G9Kbomber
G10NNakajima G10N Fugakuheavy bomber
H1HHiro H1Hflying boat
H2HHiro H2Hflying boat
H3HHiro H3Hflying boat
H3KKawanishi H3K (US: Belle)flying boat
H4HHiro H4Hflying boat
H5YYokosuka H5Y (US: Cherry)flying boat
H6KKawanishi H6K (US: Mavis)flying boat

H7YYokosuka H7Y (US: Tillie)flying boat
H8KKawanishi H8K (US: Emily)flying boat

H9AAichi H9Aflying boat
H10HHiro H10Hflying boat
H11K-LKawanishi H11K-L Sokuflying boat
HXCConsolidated HXCflying boat
HXDDouglas HXDflying boat
J1NNakajima J1N Gekko (US: Irving)interceptor

J2M, J1N, B29 1/700, Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko, Nakajima J1N1 Irving 1/700
J2MMitsubishi J2M Raiden (US: Jack)interceptor

J2M, J1N, B29 1/700, J2M Jack 1/700, J2M3 Mitsubishi Raiden Jack
J3KKawanishi J3Kinterceptor
J4MMisubishi J4M Senden (US: Luke)interceptorMitsubishi J4M Senden Luke
J5NNakajima J5N Tenraiinterceptor

Nakajima J5N1 Tenrai
J6KKawanishi J6K Jinpuinterceptor

Kawanishi J6K1 Jinpu
J7WKyushu J7W Shindeninterceptor

J7W1 Kyushu Shinden, J7W1 Kyushu Shinden, J7W2 Shinden Kai
J8MMitsubishi J8M Shusuirocket fighter

J8M1 Shusui, J8M1 Shusui
J9YNakajima Kikka (J9Y) Kikkafighter

Nakajima Kikka, Nakajima Kikka
K1YYokosuka K1Ytrainer
K2YYokosuka K2Ytrainer
K3MMitsubishi K3M (US: Pine)trainer
K4YYokosuka K4Ytrainer
K5YYokosuka K5Y (US: Willow)trainer
K6KKawanishi K6Ktrainer
K6MMitsubishi K6Mtrainer
K6WWatanabe K6Wtrainer
K7MMitsubishi K7Mtrainer
K8KKawanishi K8Ktrainer
K8PNihon K8Ptrainer
K8WWatanabe K8Wtrainer
K9WKyushu K9W Momiji (US: Cypress)trainer
K10WKyushu K10W (US: Oak)trainer
K11WKyushu K11W Shigarikutrainer
KXANorth American KXAtrainer
KXBu1Bücker KXBu1trainer
KXC1Caudron KXC1trainer
KXHe1Heinkel KXHe1trainer
KXJ1Junkers KXJ1trainer
L1NNakajima L1N (US: Thora)transport
L2DDouglas L2D (US: Tabby)transport
L3YYokosuka L3Y (US: Tina)transport
L4MMitsubishi L4M (US: Topsy)transport
L4MMitsubishi L4M (US: Topsy)transport
L5? L5transport
L6? L6transport
L7PNihon L7Ptransport
LOTachikawa LO Thelmatransport

Hudson 1/700, Hudson
LXCCurtiss-Wright LXCtransport
LXDDouglas LXDtransport
LXFFairchild LXFtransport
LXHe1Heinkel LXHe1transport
LXK1Kinner LXK1transport
M6AAichi M6A Seiranbomber

Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan, Aichi M6A1 Seiran, Aichi M6A1 Seiran
MXJNihon MXJ Wakakusaglider
MXY1Yokosuka MXY1Testflugzeug
MXY2Yokosuka MXY2Testflugzeug
MXY3Yokosuka MXY3glider
MXY4Yokosuka MXY4glider
MXY5Yokosuka MXY5glider
MXY6Yokosuka MXY6glider
MXY7Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka (US: Baka)Kamikaze

Yokosuka MXY-7 Oka Baka, Yokusoka MXY-7 Type 43 Trainer, Yokosuka MXY-7 Oka Baka
MXY8Yokosuka MXY8 Akigusaglider trainer
MXY9Yokosuka MXY9 Shukatrainer
MXY10Yokosuka MXY10Scheinziel
MXY11Yokosuka MXY11Scheinziel
N1K1(-J)Kawanishi N1K Kyofu, Shiden (US: Rex, George)fighter

Kawanishi N1K1 KYOFU (Rex) Early Type, Kawanishi N1K2-J George Shiden, Kawanishi N1K Shiden Type 11
P1YYokosuka P1Y Ginga (US: Frances)bomber

Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga Frances Type 11, Kugisho P1Y1/2 Ginga Frances Type 11
Q1WKyushu Q1W Tokai (US: Lorna)reconnaisance
Q2MMitsubishi Q2M Taiyoreconnaisance
Q3WKyushu Q3W Nankaireconnaisance
R1YYokosuka R1Y Seiunreconnaisance
R2YYokosuka R2Y KeiunreconnaisanceKugisho R2Y1 Keiun
S1AAichi S1A Denkonight fighterAichi S1A1 DENKO

More Models of Japanese aircraft

Battle of Japan Aircraft
Battle of Japan Aircraft Battle of Japan Aircraft
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33
Albatros DIII 1/600, Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, LVG C.VI 1/700 Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 Albatros DIII 1/600, Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, LVG C.VI 1/700 Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, LVG C.VI 1/700 Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, LVG C.VI 1/700 Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 Albatros DIII 1/600, Flugzeugdampfer (Ausonia) 1918, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, LVG C.VI 1/700 Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 (ungebaute)
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 (ungebaute)
Hansa-Brandenburg W.33, Hansa-Brandenburg W.33 (ungebaute)
Heinkel HD-23 Experimental Carrier Fighter Type H
Heinkel HD-23 Experimental Carrier Fighter Type H
Heinkel HD-26        
Heinkel HD-26
Heinkel HD-28        
Heinkel HD-28
He112 B-1/2 Russland/Japan/Rum./Deutsch
Hansa-Brandenburg HM-1, Peder Skram 1922 Hansa-Brandenburg HM-1, Peder Skram 1922 Hansa-Brandenburg HM-1, Peder Skram 1922 Hansa-Brandenburg HM-1, Peder Skram 1922 Hansa-Brandenburg HM-1, Peder Skram 1922 Heinkel HE-5 /  Svenska S5a
IJA Aircraft WW2 1   
IJA Aircraft WW2 1 IJA Aircraft WW2 1 Mitsubishi Ki-46 Type 100 Dinah 1/700
IJN Wk2 Aircraft 4   
IJN Wk2 Aircraft 4 IJN Wk2 Aircraft 4
Japan Naval Planes   
Japan Naval Planes
Japanese Naval Planes (Early Pacific War)
Japanese Naval Planes (Early Pacific War)
Japanese Navy Carrier-based Aircraft Set (Biplane)
Japanese Navy Carrier-based Aircraft Set (Biplane)
Ju87A in Foreign Service
Junkers Ju87A in Foreign Service
Kayaba Ka1 Autogyro  
Kayaba Ka1 Autogyro  
Kayaba Ka1 Autogyro Cierva C.30
Ki-43 Decals         
Nakajima Ki-43 II Oscar Hayabusa, Nakajima Ki-43 Decals Nakajima Ki-43 II Oscar Hayabusa
Me109E-7/Z Japan     
Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan, Toyota GB Starter Truck Messerschmitt Me109E-7/Z Japan
Mitsubishi Kamikaze (Typ?)
Nakajima Type 91     
P40E Warhawk         
Curtiss P40E Warhawk Curtiss P40E Warhawk

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