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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Battle of Dakar, Operation Menace,

Royal Navy, Force H

Ark Royal
(Swordfish, Skua, 2 Caudron Luciole)

HMS Ark Royal 1939 (HMS Ark Royal III), HMS Ark Royal (HMS Ark Royal III)
Barham x

HMS Barham 1941 (Queen Elizabeth class), HMS Warspite 1942 (Queen Elizabeth class)
Resolution x

HMS Royal Oak (Revenge class)
County class
HMAS Australia x , Cumberland x , Devonshire

HMS Suffolk (County class|Kent Class) (1/600), HMS Dorsetshire 1934 (County class|Norfolk group), HMS London after rebuild 1942 (County class|London group), HMS Sussex 1942 (County class|London group), HMS Norfolk, Battle of North Cape Limited Edition (County class|Norfolk group)
D class
Dragon, Delhi

ORP Conrad (Cruiser D class)
E&F class
Echo, Eclipse, Escapade, Faulknor, Foresight, Forester, Fortune, Fury

HMS Echo (EF Class Destroyer)

HMS Harvester H19 (GH Class Destroyer), ORP Garland H37 (GH Class Destroyer), HMS Hero H99 (GH Class Destroyer), HMS Grenville (GH Class Destroyer) (1/1250), Similar type ZG3 Hermes (GH Class Destroyer) (1/1250), HMS Glowworm H92 (GH Class Destroyer), ORP Garland H37 (GH Class Destroyer)

HMS Impulsive (I Class) (1/500), HMS Inglefield D02 (I Class) (1/1250), HMS Ithuriel (I Class)

Similar type HMAS Yarra U77 (Grimsby class)

HMS Shoreham (Shoreham class) (1/1250)
Élan class (Free French)
Commandant Dominé, Commandant Duboc

Commandant Delage (Elan class), Élan (Elan class) (1/1250)
Président-Houduce (P-40) (Free French)
Aux patrol
Savorgnan de Brazza (Free French)

Savorgnan De Brazza (1931/40) Aviso (Bougainville)
vier freifranzösische und ein britisches: Anadyr, Fort Lamy, Nevada, Casamance, Belgravian
Ocean Coast
Troup Transports
Westernland (niederländischer Passagierdampfer), Pennland (niederländischer Passagierdampfer), Sobieski (polnischer Passagierdampfer) und drei weitere Ettrick, Kenya, Karanja

Sobieski 1939

French Navy (Marine Nationale)

Richelieu x

Richelieu 1943 (Richelieu class)
La Galissonnière class
Georges Leygues, Montcalm

Georges Leygues (1945) (La Galissonnière class)
Le Malin class / Le Fantasque class
L’Audacieux x , Le Fantasque, Le Malin

Le Terrible (1945) (Le Fantasque class destroyer), Le Triomphant (1943) (Le Fantasque class destroyer)
Le Hardi

Lansquenet (Le Hardi Class)
Arras class

Tahure (1939/40) Aviso (Arras Class), Belfort 1939/40 (Arras Class), Tahure 1941 (Arras Class)
Élan class
Commandant Rivière

Commandant Delage (Elan class), Élan (Elan class) (1/1250)
Bougainville class
D'Entrecasteaux, D'Iberville

Savorgnan De Brazza (1931/40) Aviso (Bougainville)
Chamois class
Gazelle, La Surprise

Chamois class (Chamois class) (1/1250)
El Djezair, El Kantara, El Mansour, Schœlcher (Schoelcher), Ville d’Oran

Victor Schoelcher X07 (Bougainville) (Victor Schoelcher / Charles Plumier)
Porthos, Tacoma † (Dänischer Frachter), Sally Maersk (Dänischer Frachter)
Redoutable 1500ts type
Ajax † , Béveziers, Persée †

Casabianca (1500t type)
(trafen Barham)


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