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Flak 38/103 3cm Jaboschreck

Flak 38/103 3cm Jaboschreck
Box art Flak 38/103 3cm Jaboschreck

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Base typeFlak 3cm
Kit manufacturerACE
Origin countryGermany Parent category: Europe
Operator countryGermany Parent category: Europe
Build era0 (not yet built)
Topicsanti-aircraft (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground Equipment
Caliber: 30 mm
Aera of useWW2 (WW2:) second world war
BaseVehicleGround Equipment
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Model AMX 13 DCA
class=AMX13 Flak 3cm
Model AMX 30R (SA, DCA, Bi-tubes)
class=AMX30 Flak 3cm
Model Flak 38/103 3cm Vierling
Flak 38/103 3cm Vierling
Model Flakpanzer 38(t) 3cm Mk103
Flakpanzer 38(t) 3cm Mk103 class=Panzer 38(t) Flak 3cm
Model Kugelblitz Flakpanzer IV
Kugelblitz Flakpanzer IV class=Flakpanzer IV Panzer IV Flak 3cm
Model Kugelblitz Flakpanzer 38D *
Kugelblitz Flakpanzer 38D * class=Panzer 38(t) Flak 3cm
Model M53-59 Praga SPAAG
M53-59 Praga SPAAG class=Praga V3S M53/59
Kit Combination M53-59 on ZIL-131
class=M53/59 ZIL-157
Type Definition 3cm-Flakzwilling 303
Bunker German Navy U-Boat/S-Boat, 3cm-Flakzwilling 303, U-Boot Typ IXC, U-Boot Typ XXI U-2511 class=3cm-Flakzwilling 303
Model MT-LBM1 6MB5
MT-LBM1 6MB5 class=MT-LB Igla Flak 23mm Flak 3cm
Kit Combination Neubaufahrzeug Nr.2 1945 mit Kugelblitz
Neubaufahrzeug Nr.2 1945 mit Kugelblitz class=Neubaufahrzeug Flak 3cm
Model Zerstörer 45 Flakpanzer
Zerstörer 45 Flakpanzer class=Panzer IV Flakpanzer IV Flak 3cm
Type Definition K30 Biho
class=AIFV Flak 3cm
Type Definition STROP-II ZRPK
DANA SPG class=DANA SPG Flak 3cm
Type Definition ZRPK BRAMS
DANA SPG class=DANA SPG Flak 3cm

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