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Fiat Polski 621L Mg

Fiat Polski 621L Mg
Box art Fiat Polski 621L Mg

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Base typeFiat 621
Kit manufacturerFirst to Fight (First to Fight:)
Origin countryItaly Poland Parent category: Europe
Operator countryPoland Germany Parent category: Europe
Build era0 (not yet built)
TopicsTruck 4-wheel (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment, drive-train
Aera of useInterwar WW2 (WW2:) second world war
BaseVehicleGround Equipment
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Model C4P Tractor early
Thanks to Jürgen Weller for this picture!
Model C4P Tractor late
C4P Tractor late
Type Definition 2cm Flak Breda auf Fiat truck
Fiat Polski 621L class=Breda 2cm Flak For the class: similar Fiat 621
Model Fiat Polski 621L
Fiat Polski 621L

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