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HMS Grenville

HMS Grenville
HMS Grenville

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Base typeGH Class Destroyer
Kit manufacturerArgonaut
Origin countryGB For the class: Brazil GB Greece Parent category: Europe, Latin America
Operator countryGB For the class: Argentina Brazil Germany Dominican Republic GB Greece Canada Netherlands Poland Parent category: Europe, Latin America, North America, , , , ,
TopicsDestroyer (Ship:)
(Ship:) ,
(Ship:) Navies: To the list of all ship classes
Parent category: Ship
Aera of useInterwar WW2 (WW2:) second world war
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Model HMS Glowworm H92
HMS Glowworm H92
Model HMS Harvester H19
HMS Harvester H19
Model HMS Hero H99
HMS Hero H99
Model ORP Garland H37
ORP Garland H37
Model ORP Garland H37
ORP Garland H37
Model ZG3 Hermes
ZG3 Hermes
Referenced itself or via the class in Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 (... Fold out for more)[+]Operation Weserübung 8.4.40-8.6.40 Operation Dynamo, Dunkirk 26.5.-4.6.1940 Battle of Punta Stilo 9.7.1940 Malta Konvois 1940-1942 Battle of Cape Spada 19.7.1940 Battle of Dakar, Operation Menace, 24.9.1940 Greco-Italian War 28.10.1940-23.4.1941 Battle of Tarent, Battle of the Strait of Otranto 11./12.11.1940 Schlacht von Kap Teulada/Spartivento 27.11.1940 Operation Abstention, Invasion Castellorizo 25.-28.2.1941 Battle of Cape Matapan 28.3.1941 Bombings on Greek Navy at Invasion of Greece April 1941 Battle for Crete 14.-31.5.1941 Operation Rheinübung (Bismarck) 18.5.-27.5.1941 British Invasion of Syria & Lebanon Juni 1941 Sinking HMS Barham 25.11.1941 1. Battle of the Sirte 17.12.1941 2. Battle in the Sirte 22.3.1942 Indian Ocean Raid 1-9.4.1942 Battle of Madagascar / Operation Ironclad 5.5.-6.11.1942 Operation Harpoon, Vigorous 12.-16.6.1942 Operation Corkscrew, Landing on Pantelleria 18.5.-11.6.1943 Operation Husky, Landing on Sicily 9.7.-17.8.1943 Dodekanes Raid 8.9.-22.10.1943 Surrender Regia Marina 8.-10.11.1943

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