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Fiat G.59 4B

Fiat G.59 4B
Box art Fiat G.59 4B

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Base typeG50
Kit manufacturerItalian Kits
A/c manufacturerFiat
Origin countryItaly Parent category: Europe
Operator countryItaly Parent category: Europe
Build era0 (not yet built)
Topicstrainer fighter-bomber Parent category: Aircraft, fighter, bomber,
Aera of useafterwar
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Model Fiat G50 1.Serie
Fiat G50 1.Serie
Model Fiat G50 Freccia
Model Fiat G50 bis Freccia
Fiat G50 bis Freccia, Macchi 200 Saetta de
Model Fiat G50B
Fiat G50B
Model Fiat G50 Ski
Model Fiat G.50V Veloce (DB601)
Fiat G.50V Veloce (DB601) For enhancing the power of the Fiat G.50 several projects tested different engines. Some experiments with the German engine DB601 displaced the project Fiat G.52. Test flights were conducted from August till December 1941. They showed problems with the control equipment and the unsufficent cooling radiator. Finally the G.50V was cancelled in favor ...
Model Fiat G55/1 Centauro
Fiat G55/1 Centauro Plane of a German test ground
Model Fiat G55 Centauro
Very good article about the Fiat G55
Model Fiat G55 Argentina Decals
Fiat G55 Argentina Decals
Model Fiat G55 B Argentinien
Fiat G55 B Argentinien Trainer. Pics of argentine G.55A and B seeérea-argentina-fotos.24228/page-8
Model Fiat G55 Silurante
Model Fiat G55 Silurante
Model Fiat G56

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