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USS Gearing DD-710 1/700

USS Gearing DD-710

Box art USS Gearing DD-710

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  Model  USS Gearing DD-710 
  Base type  Gearing class  
  Kit manufacturer  Skywave Pitroad  (Pitroad:) Website: http://pitroad.s232.xrea.com/ . Skywave produced 1978 bis 1983. From 1986 the kits were sold by Pitroad as a Label. In an intermediate phase both labels appeared on the kits.wurde unter dem Label Pitroad vertrieben. Lange erschienen beide Marken auf den Kits.
  Material  plastic  
  Origin country  USA  
  Foreign user  USA For the class: USA Taiwan Greece South Korea Spain Turkey Pakistan Argentina Brazil Mexico Ecuador Iran  
  Build era  0 (not yet built)   
  Topics  Destroyer WW2 afterwar  (Zerstörer:) http://destroyerhistory.org
(Schiff:) http://uboat.net/allies/
(Schiff:) US Navy Pic Archive http://www.navsource.org
(Schiff:) http://www.navypedia.org
(Schiff:) Navies
(Wk2:) second world war
  Scale  1/700  
  BaseVehicle  Ship  
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