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Tama Maru            kit manufacturer: AKA , Material: Resin , origin country: Japan , foreign user: Japan , built: 3.12.2017 , topics: Small combattants WW2 , Scale: 1/700 , TextEN: At least 7 different Tama Maru, all whalers, some as aux minesweepers, some as sub-chasers.(1000)

Tama Maru sub-chaser: 1939 by Mitsubishi, 43 x 7.5 x 3.6 m , 397 ts, Diesel engine 70 PS, 11 kn, On 7th April 1945, the US submarine Tirante (SS-420) sinks Ja..., BaseVehicle: Ship
Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru Tama Maru


References(1000) Jentschura,Jung,Mickel: Warships of the IJN 1869-1945

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