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Modellmarine / IG Waterline
P-51 der FAS
11.5.2019: Marder I 7,5cm Pak 40 auf FCM 36
11.5.2019: Sd.Kfz.135 Mun.transporter Lorraine

19.4.2019: Me 109K-14

2.4.2019: SA-2
2.4.2019: ZIL-157

24.3.2019: Me262 durch Elefanten zerstört

18.3.2019: SA-10B Grumble S-300PS Launcher auf Startfzg 5P85D
18.3.2019: SA-10 S-300PMU RADAR/Feuerleitstand 30N6E2

23.2.2019: Hotel III Pj 701 K-145

3.2.2019: SMS Wespe Panzerkanonenboot

20.1.2019: Fregatte 44-gun 1812
20.1.2019: HMS Ajax F114 Ikara
20.1.2019: HMS Zulu F124
20.1.2019: Krasnaya Abkhasia
20.1.2019: Rubis 1933
20.1.2019: Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl
20.1.2019: Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin
20.1.2019: SA-6 Gainful 2K12 Kub
20.1.2019: Universal Carrier 2-pounder ATG
20.1.2019: Westland Wasp 1/700

19.1.2019: PzSpW Panhard P204(f) mit 5cm Kwk 38/L42

1.1.2019: Hai Quing 037IS
1.1.2019: Notoro IJN Seaplane Tender
1.1.2019: PLA 6604 / 122bis Kronstadt
1.1.2019: PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper
1.1.2019: USS Admirable class PCER
1.1.2019: Tortoise

22.12.2018: UE 630(f) Schlepper mit Pak 36 improvisiert
22.12.2018: UE 630(f) mit Pak 36 spät

20.12.2018: 45mm Pak M1937
20.12.2018: 45mm Pak M1942
20.12.2018: 76mm Reg. (Infantry) Gun M1943
20.12.2018: Cannone da 75/27 mod 11 / Deport 75mm
20.12.2018: IS-2 Stalin
20.12.2018: IS-7
20.12.2018: Pak 36 3,7cm auf Renault UE

1.12.2018: Flak 43 3,7cm
1.12.2018: M5A1 Late
1.12.2018: Möbelwagen Flakpanzer IV
1.12.2018: Stuart Recce
1.12.2018: T-37 Amphibious Tank
1.12.2018: T-40 Amphibious Tank

23.11.2018: Flak Rheinmetall 20mm
23.11.2018: Jagdpanzer Kanone 90mm
23.11.2018: Unimog U1300 4x4

18.11.2018: Elefant Panzerjäger Tiger (P) Ferdinand
18.11.2018: PzKpfw II a1/2/3

10.11.2018: Fl.F.205 Wettin
10.11.2018: M3821
10.11.2018: USS Independence LCS-2
10.11.2018: Mercedes L3000
10.11.2018: Opel Blitz Maultier
10.11.2018: Panzerschreck RPzB 54
10.11.2018: Sd.Kfz. 251/10 D mit 3,7 cm Pak, spätes Schild

24.10.2018: Osmaniye 1897-1923
24.10.2018: Semsir-i Hucum
24.10.2018: USS Freedom LCS-1

7.10.2018: Mercedes 320 W142
7.10.2018: T-26 Mod. 1931
7.10.2018: T-26 Mod. 1933
Ju 88V5

Modelling vehicle history - in the air, on sea, on land

This is the website of Jürgen Klüser.
This website has purely private and no commercial purpose. Please read the terms of use.
The content is mainly targeting Scale Modelling, but also the background of the aviation and more was gathered in more than 45 years.

Special pages:[+]These and more are listed in story.php

Overview of my models

The scale is 1/700 for ships, 1/72 for planes and vehicles if not mentioned differently.

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A6M-2N Rufe Type 2
A6M-2N Rufe Type 2
Macchi Aermacchi MB339 Frecce Tricolori
Aermacchi MB339 Frecce Tricolori
Bell AH1
Aichi B7A1 Ryusei Grace
Aichi B7A1 Ryusei Grace
Aichi D3A Kanbaku Val
Aichi D3A Kanbaku Val
Aichi E16A1 Zuiun
Aichi E16A1 Zuiun
Arado Ar80, Focke-Wulf Fw159, Messerschmitt Me109V1
Arado Ar96 V-9, Dewoitine D520 bulg
Ar96 V-9
Arado Ar96B-5
Arado Ar197 V3
Ar197 V3
Arado Ar231, Flak 3,7 cm C/35 M42
Arado Ar232 B
Ar232 B
Arado Ar234P-5
Avia B534 IV
Avia B534 IV
Avia S199 Shakin
Avia S199 Shakin
Akaflieg Berlin B9
Berlin B9
Bristol Blenheim I
Blenheim I
BMW /  Dixi 3/15, Focke-Wulf Fw F19a Ente
BMW / Dixi 3/15
Brewster Buffalo F2A-2
Buffalo F2A-2
Blohm & Voss Bv137 V-5 (B-0)  (Ha137 V-5)
Bv137 V-5 (B-0) (Ha137 V-5)
Blohm & Voss Bv P208
Bv P208
Caproni Vizzola F.6Z
Caproni Vizzola F.6Z
Curtiss Hawk 75
Curtiss Hawk 75
Curtiss Hawk 75 P36A
Curtiss Hawk 75 P36A
DFS39 Lippisch / Delta IVc
DFS39 Lippisch / Delta IVc
DFW T28 Floh
DFW T28 Floh
Dornier Do27
McDonnell F4 Phantom
F4 Phantom
Grumman F8F Bearcat
F8F Bearcat
McDonnell Douglas F15J
General Dynamics F16
North American F86D Sabre
F86D Sabre
Northrop F89 D
F89 D
Focke-Achgelis Fa269
Fieseler Fi 156 C-3 Storch, Flettner Fl282 B-0
Fi 156 C-3 Storch
Fieseler Fi 167 A-09
Fi 167 A-09
Fiat G50 bis Freccia, Macchi 200 Saetta
Fiat G50 bis Freccia
Fiat G55/1 Centauro
Fiat G55/1 Centauro
Fiat G91R Tiger
Fiat G91R Tiger
Arado Ar196A, Flak 38 2cm, Heinkel He60
Flak 38 2cm
Arado Ar80, Focke-Wulf Fw159, Messerschmitt Me109V1
Focke-Wulf Fw190 D-9 Papageienstaffel
Fw190 D-9 Papageienstaffel
Focke-Wulf Fw190 Turbojet
Fw190 Turbojet
Focke-Wulf Fw190 V1
Fw190 V1
Focke-Wulf Fw190 V19
Fw190 V19
Focke-Wulf Fw Super Lorin
Fw Super Lorin
Gotha Go229 V7  / Horten IX
Go229 V7 / Horten IX
Graf Zeppelin
Graf Zeppelin
Hispano Aviacion Ha1112 M1L Buchon
Ha1112 M1L Buchon
Hansa-Brandenburg W29
Hansa-Brandenburg W29
Hawker Hurricane IIC
Hawker Hurricane IIC
Hawker Sea Fury T-20
Hawker Sea Fury T-20
Hawker Sea Hurricane IIC
Hawker Sea Hurricane IIC
Hawker Typhoon
Hawker Typhoon
Heinkel He170
MiG I270
Iljuschin Il2m3, Jakowlew Jak1M
Iljuschin Ilyushin DB-3
Ilyushin DB-3
J7W1 Kyushu Shinden
J7W1 Kyushu Shinden
Mitsubishi J8M1 Shusui
J8M1 Shusui
Jakowlew Jak1M
Junkers Ju87D-3 Ag
Ju87D-3 Ag
Junkers Ju F13
Ju F13
Kawasaki Ki-64 Rob
Kawasaki Ki-64 Rob
Kawasaki Ki-100-Ib Goshikisen
Kawasaki Ki-100-Ib Goshikisen
Kotscherigin DI-6SH
Kotscherigin DI-6SH
Aero L39 Firecat
L39 Firecat
Aero L39ZO Albatros Hungarian Sharks
L39ZO Albatros Hungarian Sharks
Lippisch Li P.01-115
Li P.01-115
Lippisch Li P20
Li P20
Fiat G50 bis Freccia, Macchi 200 Saetta
Macchi 200 Saetta
Macchi 202 Folgore
Macchi 202 Folgore
Marton X/V
Marton X/V
Bloch MB152
Messerschmitt Me109B Luftpolizei
Me109B Luftpolizei
Messerschmitt Me109E-4/trop
Messerschmitt Me109E-4/trop, Messerschmitt Me109F-4/trop Marseille
Me109F-4/trop Marseille
Messerschmitt Me109E-4/trop, Messerschmitt Me109G2 Ilmavoimat
Me109G2 Ilmavoimat
Messerschmitt Me109G-4 Hungarian
Me109G-4 Hungarian
Messerschmitt Me109G14 Croatia
Me109G14 Croatia
Messerschmitt Me109H1
Messerschmitt Me109T-0/2
Messerschmitt Me109X
Messerschmitt Me163A
Messerschmitt Me163B Beute
Me163B Beute
Messerschmitt Me163B-0  (V-41) W.Späte
Me163B-0 (V-41) W.Späte
Messerschmitt Me163 S
Me163 S
Messerschmitt Me163C
Messerschmitt Me163D (BV18)
Me163D (BV18)
Messerschmitt Me209 V1
Me209 V1
Messerschmitt Me209 V5
Me209 V5
Messerschmitt Me262 B2
Me262 B2
Messerschmitt Me 309-XIII/246
Me 309-XIII/246
Messerschmitt Me334
Messerschmitt Me509
MiG9 Fargo
MiG9 Fargo
Miles M.35 Libellula
Miles M.35 Libellula
Dassault Mirage F1C Normandie-Njemen 60
Mirage F1C Normandie-Njemen 60
Dassault Mirage F1
Mirage F1
Morane-Saulnier MS406 Libanon
MS406 Libanon
Morane-Saulnier MS406 Türkei
MS406 Türkei
Nakajima B5N Kate Type 97
Nakajima B5N Kate Type 97
Nakajima Kikka
Nakajima Kikka
Northrop NF5A
Opel Blitz Tankwagen (Kfz 385), Reggiane Re2000 Falco, Weiss Manfred WM-23
Opel Blitz Tankwagen (Kfz 385)
Curtiss P40 Tomahawk Soviet Navy
P40 Tomahawk Soviet Navy
Curtiss P40 Warhawk Skull
P40 Warhawk Skull
Percival Proctor IV
Proctor IV
Dassault Rafale A
Rafale A
Reggiane Re2000 Falco
Re2000 Falco
Reggiane Re2001 Falco II
Re2001 Falco II
Reggiane Re2002 Ariete
Re2002 Ariete
Reggiane Re2005 Sagittario
Re2005 Sagittario
Reggiane Re2006b Sagittario II
Re2006b Sagittario II
Rogozarsky IK3
Rogozarsky IK3
Saab Draken Dragon Knight
Saab Draken Dragon Knight
Saab Draken Ostarichi
Saab Draken Ostarichi
Siebel Si201
Siebel Si204E
Skoda D1
Skoda D1
Sud-Ouest SO6000 Triton
SO6000 Triton
Supermarine Spiteful F Mk.14
Spiteful F Mk.14
Suchoi Su-22M4R JBG77
Su-22M4R JBG77
Focke-Wulf Ta183B
Focke-Wulf Ta183 Endversion (Fw Entwurf III)
Ta183 Endversion (Fw Entwurf III)
Douglas TBD1 Devastator
TBD1 Devastator
J2M3 Mitsubishi Raiden Jack, Toyota GB Starter Truck
Toyota GB Starter Truck
U-Boot Typ VIIB
U-Boot Typ VIIB
Boeing Vertol 107-11
Vertol 107-11
VL Myrsky II
VL Myrsky II
Vickers Wellesley
Convair XF92 Dart
XF92 Dart

Statistics  Ground Equipment  miniature figure  Aircraft   Ship  
Total 6414 1196 18 2630 2626
0 (not yet built) 4367 863 15 2024 1507
Built 1152 266 3 600 295
   1 (Child, 60/70s) 113 25 89
2 (80s) 89 2 89
3 (90s) 82 82
4 (2000s) 138 5 131 2
5 (2010s) 698 223 1 202 278
6 (2019) 32 11 2 7 15
Fertigmodelle 895 67 0 6 824

A list of used references is in More topics/Literature
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